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repair design and functionality of the TDK

TDK Life on Record in your Pullman Shanghai Skyway Hotel on April 13, 2012 to prepare the best affiliate marketing. Are available in, TDK's glorious history out of the brands of storage media products, from the first range of cassette tapes and now re-named the TDK Life on Record brand enthusiasm in music are increasing. TDK Life on Record dr dre headphones president of North Asia, Matsui Wyatt Mr. dealers and then the media during the first a part of the conference to spellout situation in the culture and history of the brand, the ultra-modern technology of TDK on the part of the new excavations belonging to the simple wonder of the songs, and the old analog (analog ) warm feelings of your music along with the new strain of electronic music, accurate as well as simple handling characteristics, when the social and cultural media, home music experience, the music-loving crowd with.

This conference is packed with rich brand name and dr dre beats product information, which most dealers expect the brand's audio series, for instance the performance in the wide range and enormous volume play in the Boombox mobile speaker series, deal with high-fidelity, plus the flagship of rich low-frequency ( Signature) series headsets, and sounds of nature and shape gently clever the CLEF headphone series. Brand consumer products business of this Greater China region, director of field repair design and functionality of the TDK Life on Record audio series products unveiled in your attendees with the meeting, Mr. headset, ear headphones to multimedia mobile speakers, each with different The and characteristics, and Jieneng performance quality of sound and balanced sound.

TDK Life on Record audio brand is actually a focus on the music experience, brand specially invited towards the city music conference guests within the site to have the general music experience, Daren Wu Wei pure hip-hop wave in the B-Boy Zangan Qi and skilled and experienced music DJ Gary Wang et al. to share with you new methods for listening and enjoying music. Wei Wu pure purely to fiddle when using the monster beats hands of guitar, with his interpretation of the folk songs on dr dre solo the attainments and emotional, site guests to the full-fidelity music realm, to provide a source TDK Life on Record cube speakers (Sound Cube) into one. The speakers demonstrated a 360-degree stereo back room to improve texture, tone extensive range of extension, the whole space is filled with high-fidelity Hyatt moving melody, is commonly employed for interpretation of site fidelity speakers.

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