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headset shape inside box, there's velvet

Fidelio is Beethoven's only opera works. Prior to dr dre studio when the dr dre beats German Hi-Fi speakers brand Acapella once it named its own bookshelf box, following the production to rave reviews. Today, Philips will it be named for its own high-end video and audio series, attempting to set up a distinct image using the previous. Personally believe this series available, comparable to Sony's Qualia series. Relatively pragmatic style, you can find reason in order to make people believe, go beyond the Qualia longer.

L1 is known as dr dre solo a headset upcoming Fidelio series. Variances 3000 yuan to measure, I'm sure be the product of dr dre headphones Philips the most high-end headphones.

L1 packaging, and a special headset shape inside box, there's velvet carrying pouch as well as 2 headphone extension cord. I stubled onto it originally connected to the headphone cable is incredibly short, hence the call to use an extension cord. These types of extension cords, a typical 3.5mm interface, is proven to directly connect the Walkman. A replacement is Apple-specific, remote controlled, microphone, is usually a special three-ring 4-pole interface. What's more, it has a 6.3mm plug belonging to the conversion, in an effort to connect with a desktop CD player or headphone amplifier.

What can be described as "semi-open"? An original fusion of closed headphones, noise and open headphones, the initial natural sound field can probably be said to "take both long". Personal use down feeling is: after wearing, it's correct that some "boring", have a very good certain sound clips; also, it isn't closed headphones common on the low-frequency coloration, sound natural, neutral, which unfortunately open headphones together with the characteristics.

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